What color should I go for next??

  1. What color should I go for next??
    Okay.. So I'm planning on the color this time... I'm going to be on my bag ban soon after I buy my bling bling handbag...
    So! The colors I currently have already are:
    White with Red
    Dark Gold (More of a metallic but non blingy)

    What color should I go for next?

    Help!! I really want them in all colors but I wanted something that I can use everytime...

    I'm not yet planning to buy this handbag not until December. LOL.. After my purse ban. hehe!

  2. uh~~~ depend your apparel at that day!!

    Sorry ! We are a "no fakes allowed site".
  3. i choose Black :smile:. i personally feel black chanel is one of The most Gorgeous, Classy design :drool:.
  4. I used to have all blacks.. I sold every one of it and now wanting for another one.. *sad*

    How about white? Because I have more light colors than dark color clothes?
  5. White will be a good choice then. Since you are in Hong Kong, which is warm most of the year, white will be a better choice -- it can go with any color of clothes.

    I personally don't buy bags in white since I know I will ruin it in a day. If you take care of your bags well, then go for white.
  6. Thanks for your opinion! Yeah.. I think I'd better go for a white first before black.. and then after that would be pink! Thanks again! :biggrin:
  7. i vote for black. :smile: