what color should i get?

  1. I'm planning to get the money wallet but cannot decide on blue glacier or anthracite. Which should I buy?
  2. I love both colors. But I must say that anthracite is my favorite Bal color so far. It's so unique. It looks blue in certain lighting, teal in others, and grey or black in others. Good luck!
  3. ^I agree...Anthracite all the way! It's such a great, versatile color!
  4. make that 3 for anthracite - it's such a gorgy color and so versatile. go for the anthra!
  5. Anthracite is very versatile and a bit edgier. Blue Glacier is a sweeter color.
  6. For a wallet, I would suggest the darker color (anthracite), otherwise you'll see wear and tear in no time.

    And yes, anthracite is an edgy color. Very cool.
  7. Another vote for anthracite, cool color, will show less wear and tear, too! I adore blue glacier though.... hard desicion... Good luck
  8. Anthra looks better with wear but I always prefer a lighter/brighter colour for a wallet or key fob as it will be easier to identify it when rummaging through my City!
  9. Yes, I think for a wallet anthra would be perfect! x
  10. anthracite gets my vote.......
  11. I'll be the first to vote for Blue Glacier then :nuts:
    I never really like dark colour so Anthracite is out of qns for me...:yes:
  12. Anthracite!!!!
  13. Either one would be gorgeous!! I think if you could find an Anthracite one though... it would probably show less wear & tear.

    Here are those pics I promised dear!!! I'm SOOOOOO sorry it took me so long!! But here you can see the closure and the snap is magnetic... so it keeps everything together. The wallet is 07 Marine, and you can see that I cram alot of stuff in the receipt area, so it holds alot without any problems. :tup:

    Hope this helps!
    06190002.jpg 06190003.JPG 06190004.JPG 06190005.jpg 06190006.JPG
  14. My vote goes to Anthracite too. But u can't find one, another choice will be marine color which i have one in money style, Bag4Bubbles has posted pics for her marine money wallet.
  15. my first choice was also anthracite. Thanks for the pics bubbles and the feedback guys. anyone know where i can locate that color?