What color should I get in the work?

  1. I just got the truffle city and french blue is on the way. I just know that I NEED a work, but what color? Please post your pics of yours too, you all always look amazing with your bags! thanks in advance!
  2. Personally I would say black (if you dont already have one) very classy and very versitile...
  3. Agree!!!
  4. i would also go for black :yes:
  5. Black is so great! I would love a Black Work.
    It also depends on what color would go with your clothes - caramel is a very nice neutral as well, and made in some form almost every season :yes:
  6. As so many have said before me - Everyone needs a black bbag:wlae:
  7. I would say Black or Ink if you can find one :smile:
  8. Aquamarine would be my dream work color. Otherwise I would go for one in argile, Marine, or cafe.

    As for black - I prefer the city in black.
  9. i'm getting the cafe so that would be my vote if you are looking for a neutral. black is safe but would be my last choice -- i like the work in a color.
  10. I'm having the same dilemma. I'd say Cafe' or Ink if you wanna stick with a neutral that goes with everything. If you want something with color, I'd choose teal, turquoise (or the new Aqua) or vert gazon. See my dilemma.......I can't decide, I want them all!
  11. How about the new anthracite coming out soon?
  12. I have a Black Work, and it goes with everything I own!

    Love that it's dressy enough for work, but also toned down enough for a casual weekend :yes:

    If you prefer your Work to make more of a statement, Marine's really pretty too!
  13. Greige is a great color for Work
  14. Black?! Always a classic.
    Or do you like red? Maybe Grenat for a neutral?
    Or green? Maybe Vert Gazon for a POP of colour?
    Or Vert D'Eau for a nice blue/green?
    Oh, I'm no help at all :p
  15. My vote is for black as well - no dirt will ever ever show! And it is a classic~!!!:heart: