What color should I choose for the Heart?? Opinions please!!

  1. Hi,
    I really want to get a Heart coin purse, but I can't decide if I should choose Pomme d'Amour, Framboise or the Violette? And I can only afford one for now. So, I was wondering, which color do you like the best??
    TIA ;)







    red.jpg pink.jpg purple.jpg
  2. I love Pomme best! :drool:
  3. I love framboise ;)
  4. Pomme
  5. POMME..:tup:
  6. Pomme!
  7. Violette. It's very pretty especially out in the sun.I have the pomme and now I'm thinking of exchanging it.
  8. Pomme
  9. Pomme.. although the Violette looks particularly pretty and deep in that picture!
  10. violette
  11. I vote pomme! Red is such a classic color and looks so striking on just about everything, especially all of the browns and golds of LV.

    But my bank account help me....if my store still has a violette heart when I go back...it's MINE!
  12. Pomme!
  13. Pomme.. although that's probably the hardest to track down.

    The frambroise is a release from last year, were you thinking of tracking it down on eBay or let-trade ?
  14. Is years Pomme love the little lock on it
  15. Definitely the POMME .... :heart: