What color shoes with red bag?

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  1. I usually wear black shoes with black bag, brown shoes with brown bag, etc.

    This year I ended up buying some red bags (Balanciaga city, Tanno Bow Derek) and I don't know what shoes will work with them.

    The burgundy to merlot color that I am wearing in my avatar is my "normal" red and I am just up a creek with these really bright bags because I am afraid that bright red shoes AND a bright red bag will look too much.

    For casual, I know I can wear brown & it looks fine, but I don't know what to wear for going out.

  2. As long as you don't wear green, any color works. Wearing green shoes with a red bag.....can you say MERRY CHRISTMAS?!!

    Red bags can be tricky to pull off, but with the right outfit and shoes, it is a HOT look! I tend to avoid wearing pink (Valentines looking) or purple (Red Hat Society look-though I'm eligible ;) ), but beyond that as long as you stick with minimalist prints or neutral colors (gray looks GOOD with hot red), you'll be fine.

    After thought: do you have any shoes with a pattern that have a touch of red in the pattern? Or a pair or Louboutins? You put that red bag with any Louboutin shoe and you've got your tie-in color every time you take a step. Very cool.:supacool:
  3. ^^ Luckily for my bank account, I can't wear CL shoes, the toebox is too narrow!

    But I love the idea of shoes with a little red accent.

  4. The trick is, you don't have to match your shoes with your bags. When you don't match your shoes and bags, use a color wheel to find the contrasting color. For instance, blue and orange, purple and green, etc. You can also wear a multicolored shoe with a hint of red in it.
  5. I tend to wear black, brown, chestnut, or tan shoes, or boots, with red.

    You could also wear grey, or anthracite. :yes:

    I think bright red is a big enough colour statement, without adding more bright colours! :biggrin:

    Edited to add: Having said that, I used to wear my BV bright red and black bag with a striped red, black, red-purple and pale pink Sonia Rykiel scarf. I think that worked, because it was a scarf (not shoes) and two of the colours already tied in. I also only wore them with plain black all over (including my boots). You have to be careful, IMO, especially with coloured shoes!
  6. Leopard print shoes go great with a red handbag!
  7. ^^ thanks! I saw some cute ones by Jeffrey Campbell on Zappos, might have to give them a try.