What color shoes w/this dress?

  1. Silver Heels!:yes:
  2. I would probably do silver too.
  3. What a cute dress. Navy is always so hard to match imo...silver would look great though.
  4. dark metallic silver would be so cute!
  5. thanks for the replies!!!
  6. I choose silver too :smile:
  7. i think you could do a bright color...like hot pink!! that would be cute. anything but black or orange i think would look nice.
  8. I'll be the dissenter in this thread and suggest gold heels. I always match my navy blue dresses with gold heels :p
  9. Silver heels would look best. If you're feeling brave, you could probably pull off red heels.
  10. i would choose nice gold heels...
  11. i'd say gold or silver... what are the reflections on the sequins like? in the photo they seem to reflect silver but that may be because of the flash. if they do in fact tend to silver i would pair with silver heels (hmm or flats might be cute or even gogo boots!) if however they tend to gold then do gold heels...

    a satin shoe may be nice as well, in black or navy...
  12. I agree on silver.
  13. Actually if you research a bit for the recent fashion trend, some designers did pair navys with blacks as they did blacks with browns. If you plan on a nice obi belt (like glossy black leather or satin) and if the color is black, you can easily do a black leggings with black shoes.... BUT it have to be pulled with a black statement piece on the dress itself first. ;)
  14. i would say silver but if ur bold (like me) hot pink or turq