What color shoes to wear with BROWN leather jacket?

  1. So i caved in a got a leather jacket...and its brown. Not chocolate brown but not tan...so somewhere in the middle. What shoes do I wear with it? I don't have any boots that match it exact, just more light tan boots. Can I wear black, or is that a no no? Help!!
  2. Do you have a pic of the color of the jacket?
  3. any cream colored shoes? like sand UGGs?
  4. I've been wondering this same thing. I actually finally found a pair of shoes that matches my leather jacket :smile:

    But I have seen quite a few people just wear black shoes, and it looks fine. Ditto a lot of shades of gray.
  5. maybe tan? I don't do brown and black together usually.
  6. i feel like the tan just looks weird since it doesnt match...maybe thats just me though
  7. I don't know if they NEED to match, then again I am a chronic matcher...I dunno, I'd be wearing whatever brown I had shoeswise probably. Matching or not. I am not that concerned about it. My frye's are brown enough and my brown crocs. I am such a loser to wear crocs all the time, haha.
  8. I like wearing gray with brown...
  9. Black ( ie white) is a neutral so it would be fine.
  10. I've seen medium brown and black worn together a lot and it is SO chic, IMO. It might look a tad awkward to match differing shades of brown, i.e. tan or taupe shoes with medium brown. But wearing, say, black shoes and black dress with a medium brown jacket -- it creates a nice contrast and looks very sophisticated.
  11. okay good to know...thanks ladies!!!
  12. Agreed...black is a neutral...No matchy matchy...I wear black boots with a dark leather jacket and it rocks...
  13. Beige or grey would probably work, maybe yellow (if you have small cute feet!). I love yellow and brown together. Green could be nice also.