What color shoes to wear with a navy blue handbag?

  1. Hi everyone! :smile: I'm having this debate with a friend of mine regarding what color shoes to wear with a navy blue bag with silver hardware. For example: you're wearing jeans and a forest green or a white/cream top with a navy blue bag, what color shoes and belt do you wear? Is brown okay?

    What about a black top and black shoes? Does that go with the bag?

    Need opinions and suggestions please. Thanks everyone! :flowers:
  2. i still subscribe to the rule that black and navy don't go together. I wouldn't wear a black bag and belt.

    i think chocolate brown or even camel/tan would wonderful. You could even go for a bright pop of color and wear yellow or pink.
  3. I always think nude and white are safe matches for navy.
  4. I actually love black and navy together, but I do realize it's not for everyone. Navy shoes would be nice too as well as tan, nude or white.
  5. Yellow. I love yellow, white and navy together!!!