What color shoes do you wear with Monogram handbags?

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  1. I am always wondering what color shoes or sneakers to wear with my LV monogram handbags. Do you wear any color footwear with your Monogram bags or try to wear brown or black shoes?
  2. I wear every color with monogram!
    To me the traditional Momogram canvas is a 'neutral.'

    PS: matchy-matchy is never fashionable. 😃
  3. I also treat the original monogram canvas as a neutral and think it goes with all footwear.
  4. +1 I also see monogram canvas as neutral. My shoes match what I'm wearing... not my LV. ;)
  5. I find all the canvas prints very neutral. I don't match my shoes to any of them.
  6. any color. I consider mono neutral.
  7. #7 May 12, 2016
    Last edited: May 12, 2016
    I wear all colors, especially black (because 'I'm in a constant state of mourning' and generally wear a lot of black!)
  8. The only color I don't really wear it with is silver, other than that, I find it to match basically everything.
  9. i never thought about that actually! i suppose i think it goes with everything! :smile:
  10. Pretty much all my shoes are black but I do have leopard print and camo flats that match well. What I like about mono is it pretty much goes with any color.
  11. I don't match my shoes to my bag but I think mono is neutral and goes with everything.
  12. Everything. And I have lots of color in my shoes - orange, red, white, as well as blues, blacks, browns, nudes. Mono is neutral IMO and goes with everything.
  13. Although I think mono canvas itself is neutral and very versatile, all of my canvas bags have some pop of color on them whether it's the trim (Ikat) or some sort of silkscreening (Kusama or Mon Mono). So in my case I generally coordinate my bag with my outfit and shoes, especially in the summer. :tup:
  14. Mono is neutral to me as well. I believe anything goes....
  15. +1