What color shoes do I wear with this outfit?


Nov 2, 2005
For some reason, I'm not sure - picture this: White jeans, black ribbed long sleeved sweater, blk & white neck scarf and silver jewelry (rings and bracelets). So, do I wear white shoes or black shoes or nude shoes? I'm thinking white but it's stil March - I'm in Miami, so no need for wrap or jacket - this is for tomorrow night - feedback is lovingly accepted and appreciated:love:
SoCal said:
White or maybe nude/silver...not black, I think your outfit would be too "coordinated" looking with black shoes.
You're right, absolutley -black is out - I'm not a fan of metallic shoes (even though I have some gentle ones - never even thought of that - so now I'm thinking soft silver or white?.
allison said:
I would go with a bold color. Everything else would look too uniform and a pair of red shoes would look hot.

I agree, your best accesory besides your scarf can be a great looking colored shoe: red, turquoise would look great too.

Def not black, it will shorten your legs.
I do NOT have red or turquoise shoes !! I have a sensational new pair of "nude" but they are high and I would have to roll up my white jeans to capri length to wear them properly - Is that better than white or silver?