What color shoe can I wear with a magenta dress

  1. Can someone post some shoe ideas please???
  2. silver would be pretty.
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    I wore a magenta dress with my CL multicolor glitter NPs:

    I really love magenta paired with metallics - dark silver, silver, etc... black works too (patent, kid), nude patent, etc... it really depends on the look you are going for! You should post the dress! :smile:
  4. I plan in wearing a hot pink dress with Lacey tights and black peeptoes :smile:
  5. Thanks for the input! I'll snap a pic and post it.
  6. silver or gold
  7. Silver, gold, nude would go well for an elongating effect on the leg.
  8. Nude shoes can make your legs look longer. Metallics would work too.
  9. nude or black... either color will allow the dress to stand out.
  10. I also like navy shoes with a magenta dress....I frequently mix them for work.
  11. Love magenta colour for dresses!

    I like the idea of silver or nude. To be honest, a black shoe (worn with magenta) is a bit predictable & boring. If you want something a bit darker, go for navy.
  12. Metallics especially bronze.
  13. LOVE the navy idea! Silver or nude would be nice, too.

    Fiery -- you look hot!
  14. I think patent black would look nice. A little predictable but with an interesting shoe, it could look hot!