What color red is this?

  1. Hi ladies, can someone tell me what color this bag is that C.A. is wearing? Thank you!
    CA 2.jpg
  2. I believe it is the purse style in 2005 rouge theater.
  3. ^^I agree. The color is actually much brighter than that photo appears. It looks kind of dull in that photo. It's not.
  4. Oh it is so gorgeous. Besides black this is the first colored bbag that makes me drool. I wonder how hard it would be to find it in that color for the classique/first....
  5. OMG, RockSteady, your new avatar photo is making me drool big time!!! :P
  6. Hi RockSteady,

    Thanks for the links! What I am really looking for now is a rouge vif first. Oh how I wish my local department store had it!