What color "PURSE" do you have with pewter hardware?


Needing my PURSE fix
Jul 30, 2006
I just got MY PERFECT BAG!!! After much discovery, it isn't the first, twiggy, or city; it's the PURSE!!!

I was lucky enough to acquire an 04 White purse with pewter hardware AND I LOVE IT!!!!!!:yahoo:

Am wondering what colors everyone has with the pewter??

Thanks (sorry for the bad pic, the purse is TDF!!!)

(could only do 1 fast pic, as you can see, everything YELLOW, will redo tomorrow) THE PURSE IS WONDERFUL!!!
I want a Purse SO bad. I just got a truffle Purse I ordered but I was upset to find the tassles were all split when i opened the box. I am waiting to see if there is a replacement. I can't wait to get one! CONGRATS on yours!
Wow you finally got your purse and with pewter hardware too!!!:nuts:

Isn't the silver hardware the best? I have no Purses with pewter hardware but I do have a City and two Firsts with pewter hardware.:heart::heart::heart: