What color Pochette should I go with?


Which color pochette do you prefer?

  1. Pink with black CC

  2. Beige with black CC

  3. Neither!

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Ok, I called Saks today and their Chanel sale starts on June 7th. So, I am going to get a pochette. Which color though? Beige with black or pink with black? I think beige is more classy wheres pink is more fun!

    Which one do you like the most? Please vote!
  2. Do you know what the markdown is?
  3. Yes! It's 40% off at ALL Saks! I actually just bought a beige with black CC pochette and they should send it to me as soon as it goes on sale (save on tax!...yay!)! I am so excited!!!!!! The SA did say that it may go on sale earlier if Chanel "changes" its mind. Give them a call if you want something and don't want to miss it.

    Also, I think Chanel sale is better (more % off) at Saks than at NM...is that true? I believe Saks has 40% off while NM has only 30%??? Please correct me if I am wrong!
  4. I vote for the beige with black CCs. I'm not a fan of the pink :smile:

    So the sale is 40% off of the entire cambon collection, or just select cambon bags?
  5. How much is the pochette w/o the 40% off? I want a Chanel soo bad but I have to see how much I can afford after paying all my bills!!
  6. beige
  7. Beige
  8. $795
  9. select color combos
  10. I have the beige and love it. It's perfect b/c its neutral and goes with everything. I originally wanted the pink, but now that I think about it I am glad I invested in the beige (more of a long term bag)
  11. I am in the minority here, but I love the pink :P
  12. How comes there isn't an option that says 'BOTH!' :rolleyes:

    I honestly like both since the color combos serve different purposes like you said. I guess if I could only choose one though I would go with beige since it matches more
  13. I like the beige.
  14. I too think the beige is immeasurably classier and more tasteful- the pink seems a little too "oh my gah, Jessica, gag with with a spoon! she is so totally grody!"
  15. Not a pink person, so naturally the beige.