What color piping can go really well with Anemone?

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  1. Dear Ladies,

    Please chime in and give advice on the Special Order options?

    Just because I truly dislike too many colors on a birkin/kelly, so I affirmatively chose Bi color with the bag in Anemone (my sweet sweet SA told me it would be really hard to get an Anemone birkin because so many customers want it. So let's order one!!!!!) with a different color piping and interior (interior doesn't matter because people won't see it). And gold hardware undoubtedly. So the remaining question is what color should the piping be? I am sure you guys are the best resource to seek advice.

    The color choices are: Etoupe, Natural, Gold, Alazan, Caban, Equierse, Brulee, Cacao, Brique, Orange, Capucine, Rouge H, Rouge Pivoine (kind of ruby), Vermillion, Ruby, Rouge, Rosy, Tosca, Blue de Prusse, Blue electrique, Blue Jean and Turquoise.

    I am leaning towards Tosca to alleviate the contrast to Anemone. But definitely your opinion is greatly appreciated. Please help. Thank you guys!
  2. Tosca came to my mind too after for something similar but slightly different. But if you like the contrast for a little bit of casual look, maybe blue electric like the bicolor carmen they are doing this season in BE and anemone?
  3. Thank you for your advice. I was thinking about blue eletrique as well. You proved that my taste is not bad. :biggrin: So I was heading towards the right direction.:roflmfao:
  4. I will choose either blue electrique or capucine
    N strange no pink offer to u?
    Rose cofetti?
  5. Thank you for helping out here. All colors in TOGO are listed above. They offered me pink (Rosy, Tosca etc) but I really want Anemone. I guess Rose Confettie should be offered in clemence or swift or Epsom or evercolor? I didn't ask what colors are available in those calfskins since all I want is Anemone, which makes it a lot easier. I am sure if I were to have too many choices, then it would be a lot harder to decide.
  6. I would go with BE too. They are stunning together.
  7. I think Tosca would blend well with anemone for a not so in your face kind of look. Subtle but stunning. If you want a lot of contrast then BE would be another great pick. I think it would be stunning to do the bag in anemone with Tosca handles and interior with no piping with a Tosca clochette. But that's just me :smile:
  8. I would probably pick either BE or capucine! I like contrast though :smile:
  9. I would probably pick BE or iris
  10. I think BE would look stunning together with Anemone.
    But if you like to have more contrast I would choose Orange!
    Hope this helps!
  11. I would pick cacao or etoupe.
  12. #12 Mar 22, 2014
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2014
    I would not pick anything which is not the same as the interior of the bag.

    Sorry for the convoluted sentence. I personally would only do the piping in the same colour as the interior of the bag.
  13. piping and interior should indeed be the same. i would consider turquoise, tosca, ruby, pivoine. BE i personally dont like in the whole bag, but if it is just piping/interior could be good. i think blue and anemone is more interesting than anemone with pinkish colours, the latter being a more predictable combination. Hence turquoise would be no 1 choice for me!
  14. I would go subtle but then again mine only has a different color on the interior .....
  15. I would choose Tosca as it's tonal and could look very elegant.

    Turquoise would be interesting, but depends if you're looking for a bright contrast.