What color other than Black?

  1. I'm not new to the Balenciaga party, just returning after selling all my B-bags.

    I'm looking to get back into the B-game, so can any give me a recomendation on what color to get other than black?

    I had a griege and a marigold First, but I'm looking for something that will go with everything.

    I have plenty of Black Chanel bags, so no more black.

    Whats another good color , that can be used through different seasons and is available at this time?

    Oh yea, also a good style too?

  2. If you are looking for a neutral color that can be worn year-round, I like Plomb (Steel), Ivory, Sandstone, Sahara (new color), or Sienna (aka, Tabac).

    I have also read that the Violet color goes with a lot, although I would not consider it a neutral.

    As for style, I like the City or Work the best. The First is also cute for going out at night.
  3. i like cinnamon, sandstone, anthracite, plomb (though anthra & plomb are verrry similar to black).

    i agree that city or work are the best styles.
  4. I have 2 b-bags but still consider myself to be fairly new in regards to colors. There's just so many! I would look in the balenciaga library here under color by season and start there. Second, what colors are in your wardrobe? I would think maybe something in the Blue Family? Good luck!
  5. Hi~ I like a neutral like sienna, sandstone, mastic, sahara OR a blue...pretty much can be worn all season and goes with your wardrobe..have fun choosing!
  6. Balenciaga's reds are pretty and versatile. That would be a good year round choice and add some pop and flirtiness.
  7. I think sienna/tabac is great for all year round it's a bid more casual too!
  8. Neutral ( sandstone, sahara) or Blue colour (Esp so many beautiful blue shades in this season) :graucho:
  9. I think Plomb (Steel) would be a great alternative to Black. It's a smokey grey color is goes with everything.....I also have an Ink (deep, purply Blue) City that's so versatile that it can be dressed up or down:tup: