What color of Uggs?

  1. What is your favorite color in the Ugg boots? Just wondering what everyone else loves...or hates.
  2. I have Taupe Ultra Short Uggs that I love! And, I also love the chocolate brown Ultra Short Uggs that I also picked up recently.
  3. i just got myself a new pair of chestnut tall.. they are very simple and match with jeans!!! i also loveee this black pair i have with the drawstring
  4. love the cardys in grey!!! :love:
  5. Chestnut color (I have this in Ultra Tall), but I love the Classic Short style (I have this in Sand).
  6. Chocolate
  7. So far,I have and love only the classic tall and short in the chestnut but I think the chocolate is so...yumm!!!
    I also love the cardy in grey.
  8. I have the classic short in chestnut and black, love them both :love: i feel that both pairs are getting better with age.
  9. Sand and Chocolate for me!
  10. i have
    -classic tall in pink
    -classic short in chestnut
    -classic short in sandstone
    -tall navy crochet
    -cardy in grey, black, and oatmeal

    omg i'm an uggs whore! but they're so comfy!
  11. I have chocolate, chestnut, sand and black. My favorite is definitely chocolate, closely followed by chestnut.
  12. Chestnut & Black
  13. I love my classic tall in pink. I get compliments all the time.
  14. My faves are baby pink, black, sand, chestnut, brown, and rumraisin.
  15. I have the chocolate tall uggs and its my fav of all the colors they have come out with. I have also been fawning over the chestnut sundance boots for a while now.