What color of shoes do you have most of...

  1. ...apart from black?

    I'd say I buy red most often after black :tup:
  2. I know it's not supposed to be an option . . . BUT I have to say black. I have an outrageous number of black shoes in different styles. I am fully aware I have too many, but I somehow still find myself gravitating towards black whenever a new pair catches my eye.

    Behind black, I also have a few pairs of brown shoes.
  3. Apart from black? Brown, closely followed by red.
  4. ...apart from black...red and white
  5. Definitely black but after that.. Brown or pink :yes:
  6. black :cursing:
    but I am on a black shoe ban. I once in a while find yet another beautiful pair but I simply avoid purchasing them anymore. I did the same for my wardrobe as well last year when I noticed that my closet resembled a black hole.

    I also have alot of red shoes.
  7. Beige white shoes.
  8. definately pink. i have a lot of pink in my wardrobe.
  9. Apart from black, I have to say white and then brown.
  10. Again....apart from black I have to say brown & beige.
  11. Black is a given; other than that it's chocolate brown. Hmmm, I detect a pattern here, 'cuz that's about the same with bags too! I only have one pair of red shoes - killer boots!
  12. Brown...I did recently almost buy a pair of white flats with green polka dots, but decided against them and walked out with black flats. I"ve waay too many black shoes...
  13. red. i definitely have a lot of red shoes.
  14. Besides black, there's a lot of pink and silver (especially with lots of rhinestones or crystals).
  15. I'll be honest: black.

    After that, nudes and reds. I love black b/c it is always so sleek --especially if it's CL with that red sole. That is just so sexy to me.