What color of reissue is the best for me?

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  1. I now have my first classic flap m/l in black with GHW. I want to have the second bag to be reissue but what color is the best to me? Should I get black with GHW?
  2. i think a second black with ghw will be redundant. it's hard to break away from the classic black and ghw combos, but you can do it! :smile:

    what color bags do you have already?
  3. I now have grey, burgundy and blue. :smile:
  4. I'm confused lol I thought this would be your second bag as the first bag is the black m/l? But then again, you have blue, burgundy and grey? Or do u mean this is your first m/l while your other flaps are in other sizes? Or I guess this is your first bag in black?
  5. Sorry to confuse you. :P M/L classic black cavier is my first bag that I bought by myself. I have blue m/l but I got from my mom very long time ago. She didn't use anymore. Burgundy is mini and grey is WOC so I didn't count them in. I'm looking for reissue because I wanna have one in my collection but still thinking if I should take black or other colors?
  6. lol i was confused also, i thought the m/l was your first .. but now that i understand LOL....black reissue 227 with ghw. Looking at your collection in your avatar I think it would be a nice addition. Something bigger and really really classy!
  7. A purple reissue or the light gold reissue would be nice...
  8. Ohh okay I understand now lol. I suggest a grey or a purple reissue in 226 or more towards the 227 as its like a jumbo size which you don't have. :biggrin: