what color of paddy is this????

  1. hiiiii i would appreciate if u answer my question.. and if u have any idea where i can find thisss color??????????
  2. why did no one reply:sad:
  3. Silver?
  4. I would also say silver but it looks a bit off. The silver ones I've seen are metallic/shiny. That one looks dull.

    Nordstrom used to have one for the longest time but it's gone now.
  5. I do not think that is a real Chloe bag, it is supposed to be silver; but, that is not what the silver bags look like.
  6. I am with Loganz on this one. The only bags that have the silver tone lock and hardware are the mousse and maybe a metallic silver, but the color is much richer. I don't think this is a legit Chloe bag.
  7. I'll third Loganz and ET. This bag is a poor attempt to recreate the silver paddy.