What color of my 2nd bag should be?

  1. Oh god, I'm going crazy about B-Bag!! :cry:

    As you may see from my other thread, I just bought Grey 06 First. Now I want more! I'm thinking about City.

    At first, I want bright young color, love Apple Green and Anis so much! But then I see Ink pictures and it starts to grow on me... :blink:

    I like blue-grey is pretty but it might be too close to my 06 Grey....

    What do you guys think? I think I'll use City almost everyday for work, putting in laptop and stuffs.

  2. go for the city in ink!
    it would a great color for an everyday work bag, and different enough from the grey b-bag you already have.
  3. or get the rouge vif in a week or two!
  4. If you can find one, I'd recommend cornflower blue.
  5. totally agree with, Roo! I've got a cornflower twiggy! and its great!!! the CITY would be wonderful!!! If not, then totally go for the INK!!! oh yeah... soon the new colours are coming... have you seen any of the new colours you like??? maybe get one of those in a CITY! :amuse:
  6. I might wait and see Royal Blue though I'm lean toward Ink too, if I can find a good deal. :P
  7. Yes, totally Go for Ink !
    I have Ink 06 work, and the color is very attractive.

    When I first got it, I was kinda disappointed because it looked almost like black, but from outside under the sun, it looks like beauuuutiful navy, sometimes purple.

    The color mysteriously seems to change, and it makes it all the more fun! :love: ( Personally, I think it is the most intriguing balenciaga color, yet)

    Plus, the color is a great match for jeans, and doesn't get stained easily, so good for everyday use :smile:
  8. get a white! or the calcaire one..
  9. Yep:yes: thats what I was thinking!
  10. I vote for Ink City!

    I have it and LOVE It! It is incredibly lightweight and the color is absolutely amazing! You can't help but love it!
  11. Def. ink city! You cannot go wrong with this color!
  12. Okay, I think this is becoming too obsession. :Push: I look at all the bags before go to bed and wake up and look at them again! Still can't decide which one I want. It gives me a headache!! :blink:

    Anyway, somehow, I don't like blue... I like 06 lilac (even more so than 04 lilac color) and Ink!

    Can't decide can't decide... :noworry:
  13. I think lilac...either one... is a beautiful color.
  14. Get Ink! lol! I couldn't sleep last night because I kept thinking about how much I wanted an Ink handbag. lol. The pics here on the forum really pushed me over and I'm thinking about getting one this weekend as my 2nd Bbag. lol! I love how it looks almost black in some pics, blue in others, and then purpley as well. It's gorgeous!