what color of expandable flap should i get?


which color for expandable flap?

  1. black

  2. camel/beige

  3. light pink

  4. blue

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. which color do you girls think look good for the expandable flap?
  2. I didn't see the color listed but I like the cream/white.
  3. I personally want a Black one!
    The white looks yummy too but not on your list .... I haven't seen any IRL and no pics of the pink or blue either so I'm not sure about those two yet ...

    what color bags do you have already?
  4. picked the camel. wonderful shade, so versatile.
    i do also like the white, but not for you maybe as it's not on your list....
    beautiful choice!
  5. I'd like to know this too! :yes: It totally depends on what you already have in your collection...
  6. the white or camel.
  7. I saw the black one, IRL, it's really nice. IMO, the lighter color would show wear more quickly because it's not caviar.
  8. Not sure if I voted for the right one but I saw a "dark white" at the trunk show. TDF
  9. this is what i was thinking also. the bag looks extremely good. i have a lot of blacks already, but one more black is not a problem since i am planning to get my colors this season from bottega.
  10. one more thing.... i am asian, so the beige might not look so good on me....
    thanks for the votes ladies.... if you havent voted, please do.....
  11. i think the camel one looks very nice
  12. i think it's a rich camel color and i think it would be lovely for you....
  13. Love this bag--I am getting a black one, but since you already have several black bags, why not go with the navy? I saw it in person and it is beautiful!
  14. Does anyone knows how much is the expandable flap?
  15. I don't know how these bags will look in those color in person, but I picked out the carmel/beige, cuz it is an easy matcher with clothing. Hum...I wonder how the light pink one will look like:confused1: