what color of edith?

  1. I can't make the mind to choose either red or ivory washed. Can you give me any idea?
  2. Hmmm... if I had to choose, I'd choose the ivory. :heart:
  3. more opions. thanks.
  4. :smile:Well, depends on your wardrobe too. The washed Ivory will go with more, but also you might feel you don't want to 'wear' it in the winter. With the red, it doesn't quite go with so much, but its a great winter colour - as its nice and warming if you know what I mean!:yes:

    Its really down to what you feel more comfortable carrying. I do have a deep red bag (not a Chloe) - but I use it very infrequently - but then I'm a really interesting black, black, black person - I love any colour or non-colour as long as its black:nuts:
  5. Thank you, Lescoy.

    I think I need the ivory, most of my wardrobe are white and ivory stuffs. Beside, summer is coming. I am totally agree with you.:woohoo:
  6. I vote for ivory too... looks really fresh and perfect for summer!
  7. Red for me - can't beat an eye popping red bag to finish off an outfit;)
    Red goes with blacks, and whites too.:yes: And it can be used all year round without fear of it getting 'dirty':smile: