what color of east/west bag should i get?

  1. okay... i have been wanting the east/west caviar for a while now. i know i dont want it in black because i have way too many black bags.
    what color do you girls suggest? also if you see it in your local Saks, please let me know. i have some gc from Saks that i need to get rid of.
  2. The slate blue (greyish blue) e/w is really pretty. I'm not sure if Saks carries that color in it though. I know NM did.
  3. I think theres a purple one - I've seen a awesome purple one on here... so yummy... its still a dark colour but its not black..
  4. beige, easy to match outfits and classic.
  5. i kinda want a somewhat neutral color.....
    i called my local Saks today and the SA said they have peach color?
    does anyone know how this looks? i will not be able to go there til sat, and now i am curious....
  6. Purple! It's a gorgeous color and perfect for fall.
  7. i love the e/w in plum, though you really can't go wrong with a classic black or white.
  8. I saw one a few weeks ago in a camel/caramel color. So beautiful. Unfortunately, I had already stopped at the Gucci Boutique before I made it to Chanel, so I had to pass this time.

    Good luck.
  9. Purple :love: