What color of Day should I choose...for my very first Balenciaga?

  1. Hey Ladies...I have been lurking here FOREVER...and am finally going to get my very first BBag. Yeah! :yahoo: I have basically settled on the Day style since it is pretty big (so I can fit my daily essentials plus files if need be for work) but still has a shoulder strap.

    So now the question is...what color? I don't want to get black (since Balenciaga has such great colors). I wear a lot of black to work but ideally would like something that would go with other colors as well. I really like the steel / plomb but will I still be able to get it anywhere? What other colors would you recommend? Thanks!
  2. i think plomb would be a good alternative to black. or maybe anthracite???
  3. i love plomb too-but of course i'm biased, still it's a great color. ocean and mastic would also be good too, although mastic might get dirty quickly.
  4. I was thinking anthracite too, but from the sounds of it it is impossible to find? Is plomb from this year (e.g. still available out there somewhere)?
  5. ^anthracite is from last season and i'm not sure how readily available it is. plomb is from this season and i believe BalNY still has some left
  6. Thanks for the info...do you know when the season's officially "change over"? I asked because I was at NM Houston two weeks ago and based on the colors it seemed they still were carrying the pre-Spring collection? But I have read elsewhere on the forum that BBags aren't that popular in Houston...so maybe they are just behind?
  7. Awww! I would sooo wait for the new SS 08 Sage green with RH in a Day!
  8. I'm pretty confident you'll be able to locate plomb easily. I had some dealings with BALNY just last week and had some pictures of plombs in stock sent over. Here are their numbers:
    Balenciaga New York
    T 212.206.0872
    F 212.206.0004

    My 2 cents on color...consider Tomato (or a red from other seasons). It provides pop, yet it still goes with so much. It's a color that can be worn with cool tones (blacks, greys, blues). It's also great with warm tones (browns, beiges, khakis). So, if you're willing to go with something w/ color... try the reds:idea:.
  9. Do u have a burning desire to get it now?
    Cuz if u can wait a bit longer,
    there will be a new color, 'violet', coming out in august.
    This vibrant color would look amazing.
  10. I think Plomb would be great in a day, regular hardware or SGH. :yes:
  11. I love the Day in neutral colors. I think any of the colors from this Fall will look great in this style. I think Sienna, Cinnamon, Vert Fonce.......gosh all of them are gorgeous in this style. Pick the one with the best leather! Have fun buying your bag!
  12. Thanks for all the advice. So now I am still torn...do I get a plomb now, or wait for the S/S '08? Will NM get Plomb? I live in Houston so that is my only nearby Balenciaga store...for my first purchase I would really like to touch before I buy. :smile: When will the S/S '08 be out? Do you think plomb will disappear due to popularity (i.e. if I don't buy now...SOL).
  13. look at Ocean! I saw one at NM with GH and it was gorgeous. They had ocean in a first too, and the regular hardware also looks great with it, if that's what you're after.
  14. If you're still considering anthracite, I was at Barney's in Dallas over July 4th, and the SA said she can order one.
  15. for this season, I vote for Cinnamon! its sooo yummy from the pics I've seen here... or maybe even plomb?? if past season... I vote anthra or cafe! good luck and keep us posted!