what color muse bag???

  1. i cant decide what color to buy?? any ideas??
  2. I have the Ivory and i love it in this color.:tup: I also like the Chocolate Brown. I wish i could find a Caramel or Tan one too. :push:Have you narrowed it down to any colors yet? Good luck! Muse is a great bag.:tup:
  3. actaully i have muse in black color already but im looking another color. i like ivory too but im afraid it will be dirty easily. dont u think.....
  4. Well, it all depends how often you rotate your bags. I don't use it every day and YSL boutique told me it can be protected with spray or cleaned with moisturizer.:yes:
  5. Another vote for Ivory. :yes: As long as you are careful with it and don't use it as an everyday bag, I don't think you'll have too many problems with it getting dirty.
  6. what moisturizer do u use? thanks for yr advice.
  7. You can buy Leather Care conditioner at Burlington Coat Factory or online. My friend uses moisturizer (that she uses on her face) on her patent downtown and it stays clean.
  8. YSL told me to get the Penguin water repellent spray. You can find it at any shoe repair stores.:yes:
  9. I got my muse the other day in balck patent, and i love it!! As black goes with everything, and because it is patent, it wont get stained, etc...!
  10. I have the taupe color according to the NM website...although I've been told by the SA that it's caramel brown. I loooove this color. The leather looks really rich. I originally had the dark brown but exchanged it for this one. I'll take pictures with my camera phone and upload when I get home. I highly recommend this color also because it goes with alot of outfits...even black.
  11. Can't wait to see your pics. :graucho:Is this color like the Caramel or Tan color? if yes, i would love to get one too.:yes:
  12. I bought a muse in the dark green color, it looks great and dark enough to not easily get dirty
  13. I have the biscotti and purple OS
  14. Chocolate brown! I really love my muse!
  15. i just bought black patent...its really nice i will post pics tmr