What color MJ Stella?

  1. Finally I found the purse I want for mothers day... Now what color? Anyone have the Marc Jacobs Stella, What color do you love? I was thinking like the caramel, maybe Ivory but I am scared of white/ivory I have an 11 month old! Any suggestions?:huh:

    Ormaybe the Venetia???
  2. That caramel is a lovely color and I can see it transitioning well between seasons. Caramel's my vote!
  3. I have it in red and black. The white was very popular when the bag debuted a few years ago.
  4. I have it in black.....NO WAY to white -with a child!!!!!!!!!!you would be too afraid to use it!LOL...Caramel would be my pick..the color NUTMEG is gorgeous this season!
  5. I have a red Stella from a couple of years ago. Not a HUGE fan of colored bags, but the red works with EVERYTHING, its earthy enough for browns, true enough for blacks. I love it so much that when I decided to buy a smaller bag for every day (that I don't need to carry tons) I chose another red bag, a Mulberry. MJ makes a great red. Enough said!
  6. One other quick thought...the Stella really is a Fabulous size...it doesn't look dumb when you're out with jeans and a sweater, but it is also large enough for a Mom or a meeting...I do both, I would know!

    I LOVE Stella ( in case you couldn't tell.... )

  7. Get the caramel. It's a lovely color.
  8. I'd say carmel too, I hear the white really shows scuffing after a while.
  9. I have the Blake in caramel. It is a very lovely, versatile color, you can use it all year around.
  10. Where can you find Caramel these days??? The only color I've seen available is white.
  11. I like some of the past colors of the Stella. Peacock blue and the dark indigo blue are my faves. The peacock blue had the dark blue suede lining and the dark indigo (I believe?) had dark red suede lining. The newer bags I don't really like because they have the canvas lining and really light colors.
  12. How about the toffee one that chicbags is selling in the marketplace? It is NWT, limited edition and such a great price.
  13. I have both the Stella (wine) and Venetia (black). I think a darker color might be best for you, especially if you have kids....and on that note, I would recommend the Stella since the Venetia is more of a tote bag (can't really sling it over your shoulders).

    Let us know what you decide....
  14. I've got a limited edition stella, like chicbags is selling (with buckle pockets) in Butterscotch, a Navy Blue w/ Dark Maroon suede lining and a Sap Green w/ Navy suede lining, and all three go really well with just about everything. The stella is definitely roomier and easier to get in and out of than the venetia, and is both a tote and a true shoulder bag. Methinks the Caramel (or the toffee limited edition) would be a great choice for a new mom...

    Good luck looking...:biggrin: