What color Men's wallet should I get for baby brother?

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  1. Hey TPF!

    So I want to get my little big brother a special gift for his birthday. This will be his first LV. He's turning 28 this April and has recently moved across coasts to LA from CT/MA. He's not a flashy guy but he's beginning to have more expensive taste. He hasn't became the monster that his older sister is. Lets just say he likes quality things. I don't think he'd ever buy a LV wallet for himself. He's only inquired about the backpacks to me once, when I was talking about my fav SA moving from CT to CA. Anywho I was researching men's wallet styles and randomly asking him questions about what he carries in his wallet. So I narrowed it down to the Multiple Wallet. Now what color??? I was thinking for him the Damier Graphite would be nice. I am also considering the Damier Colbalt. I went in LV this am before going to work to look at the wallet in person. Unfortunately the SA that helped me didn't know what the heck Damier Colbalt is. I kept saying can I see the Damier Graphite and Colbalt. She shows me Damier Graphite and Damier Infini. After about five minutes we were on the same page when I pointed to a bag in the Damier Colbalt. I really want to see it in person before buying. Has anyone seen the Multiple Wallet in Damier Colbalt? Thoughts? Impressions? Do you think it's going to be a classic as its new now? I really want to get him something he can use for years and years to come. I say alllllllllllll of that to ask this, Would you choose Graphite or Colbalt?
  2. In my oppinion, I like Cobalt on bags and bigger items. Not so much on small leather goods. So, I would pick Graphite (though my personal favorit is Multiple in Damier Ebene)
  3. Damier Graphite. Love this print.
  4. Graphite is my pick but for something different and new; check out the Multiple Wallet in Damier Ebene, the blue leather really adds something...

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  5. O wow! That's really stylish! I like!
  6. ^^ I agree its really nice
  7. :yes: Very pretty! :tup:
  8. Hi there! I own this wallet too ;)
    Here is a pic inside + the pocket organiser

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  9. Love this wallet!!:loveeyes:
  10. I really like the picket organizer - got DH one for Xmas on taiga leather. He also has a DG tri-fold wallet (not sure name but there was only one option for tri-fold canvas at the time). It's much bigger so the PO is better for nights out when he doesn't need all the cards, etc
  11. Graphite.

    I just got my bf a couple things from lv on his birthday and one of em was the James wallet in graphite- he loves it and I think it's super stylish and I got it hot stamped!

    You're such a sweet sister btw ;)

  12. +1. I love this color combo. It's the best of both worlds! Classic on the outside and a pop of color on the inside.
  13. I got my husband the Pocket Organizer in Damier Graphite for Christmas and it looks beautiful. Dorf has a point though, with the DE and having the blue leather inside. Gives it that extra little something. I'd still vote Damier Graphite over Cobalt and DE. And I'd have his initials hot stamped. Makes it extra special.