what color/material is argile?

  1. hi all. i have checked on the reference and can't find this color or/and material. i did a stock check at a store and they stated this as a color. is it a typo? anyone heard of this?
  2. I am pretty sure it is sandstone, chevre/goat leather. hths! Wait for someone to confirm in case I am off.

  3. Its the colour sandstone I think.
  4. It is no typo, I have a Day in argile. Argile means literaly "clay". Check Styledrops, they have a number of B-bags in argile, and they have translated it as "clay".
  5. thanks girls. i appreciate it. :yes:
  6. That is the color of sandstone. It is a gorgy color.
  7. yes sandstone = argile . When I was searching for my sandstone gh day, when I called the Europe stores they called it "argile", here we call it sandstone. Its the same as like vert gazon and grass green etc.
  8. I thought argile was the 07 mastic? (slightly golder than the sandstone)