What color Mahala

  1. Wanting to get a Mahala, not sure what color. Any suggestions?. I'm torn between the classic black or a fun color.
  2. Here are my two favorite Mahalas right now. Gorgeous and new for this season...

    Plum and Purple

    072MAHALALPS_medium_fr_Plum.jpg 072MAHALASCS_medium_fr_Purple.jpg
  3. The Mahala has come in so many pretty colors, but for me, its never looked better than it does in black.
  4. I am partial to the liquid patent Mahala!
  5. How many black bags do you own? They have a cognac color that looks nice as well and could be worn with quite a lot.
  6. I agree with Cosmopolitan. Can't go wrong with the black!:tup:
  7. I love the liquid patent Mahala -- its just stunning.
    I already have a patent burgandy riki and ramona which is the only reason I have not purchased the burgandy mahala - but it is my favorite.
  8. I saw it yesterday for the first time - the cognac is amazing. I can't compare it to anything because I haven't seen any of the other colors, but let me tell you - its stunning.

  9. I do have several black bags, however, I would hate not to be able to use my patent next season if patent is out. I feel a black bag can be used forever. Do you agree or am I totally off?
  10. I totally agree that black never goes out of style. However if you always wear alot of black then I think a bold coloured bag really stands out and makes a statement. I saw the plum Mahala in Harrods the other day and it was TDF!!! :drool: But if you're worried about longevity probably best stick to black.
  11. I think the patent JC is such a hot bag that it won't go out of style soon.
    Its something that you can wear with everything and I think it will hold its own for awhile.
    If you can see it in person you'll get a better idea why I'm saying this.
    Its stunning.
  12. If you cannot located the electric blue through a boutique, I would go with the black. The purple and plum are a bit dark. The blue obviously give you the pop of color. The black, as has been stated, is timeless and classic.
  13. I LOVE the plum... it is sultry :yes:

    The electric blue is sold out I think, not completely sure though. Just love this bag! I am thinking of getting one too!
  14. Go for it Megs!!!! :tup:

  15. Which one are you thinking of getting the electric blue or the plum? I understand the liquid patent is very stiff. Let me know what you decide.