What color LV SHIRLEY? white or black?

  1. I really need and want a nice clutch bag plus I really want a LV multicolore bag. So LV multicolore shirley is what I'm thinking of getting. But then next question is WHAT COLOR? :shrugs:

    Multicolore white seems so chic for summer and spring, but at the same time black multicolore seems to go all year around since its a clutch.

    What color would you get? and if any of you ladies have the clutch, I would love to see a picture of you carrying it. :yes: It would make the decision much easier, I think :graucho:
  2. I would definitely get the white! I think the shirley looks better in the white and much more chic and feminie.
  3. another vote for the white! :smile: mc looks classy and chic in white. :smile:
  4. I prefer the black- it's rarer, makes the MC more vibrant, and won't suffer from a bleeding lining like some white MC bags.
  5. The white! I generally prefer black MC over white MC...but with the Shirley, I got the white one :yes:
  6. I'm a big fan of black MC... I say go for black!
  7. It's tough for me to choose but for the Shirley, white I like a teeny bit better ;)
  8. White :drool:
  9. I'd get the Black!
  10. white!!
  11. Black for sure!
  12. I am a big fan of white MC, the colors appear too 'neo' on black imo.:idea:
  13. for the shirley i'd go with white :smile:
  14. Personally, I love Black Shirley!
  15. i'd get the black!