What color Lumineuse do you think is more versatile?

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  1. I'm trying to decide between the Lumineuse PM in brown (not sure of the name of this shade) or taupe (ombre). I do like the brown, but I haven't seen the taupe in person. The SA informed me that there isn't one available in my region, and I'd have to buy it before they could ship it out. Then, I'd be able to return it if I didn't like the color.

    What color would you choose as being more versatile?
  2. I love the Aurore (raspberry) or the Neige ( ivory) color in the Lumi. Aube is nice too. I am in the market for a Lumi and avoiding the brown family only because I have so many monos and DEs.
  3. The brown is Earth and taupe is Ombre. I think both colors are very versatile so you can't go wrong with either. Earth is a lot darker so no worries with color transfer. I would personally pick Earth since it's richer.
  4. Inifini is a the best color - goes with blues or black and the gold hardware really pops. I love those pics of Selena Gomez with hers. Of your choices, I'd prefer Ombre.