What color Loeffler Matilde's would you choose?

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  1. I'm in love with these boots and I've narrowed it down to..black and elephant...but was wanting opinions on which one you would get for versatility.
    I am only going to be able to buy one pr....I've seen elephant described as brownish with grey..or just grey or even greyish with purple..pics on Revolve make it look more brown. Black is black..:amuse: but I like black too!

  2. ^^I've seen your pics and they are gorgeous!
  3. Black- you just can't go wrong with black.
  4. I just got a black pair. Tried them on with just about everything in my wardrobe and they went with everything perfectly!
  5. ^^I think black is what I'm leaning towards...thanks!:smile:
    woody..did you get your reg.size? I don't wear thick sock ever.
  6. Yes I got my regular size. I also have no need in my climate to wear thick socks. They actually feel a little bit loose in the foot area - like there would be room for a thick sock but the length is about right.

    I think I'm discovered lately I am a smallish 7/37. I didn't get the chance to try a 6.5 so I don't know if it would have been better but with the way the boot flexes when walking I think smaller may have rubbed my heel. Good luck!
  7. ^^ Good to know...I ordered my size...6.5:yahoo:
  8. for me black is more versatile than grey. they'll also show less signs of wear.
  9. I think it depends on what you already have - if you don't have any other tall black boots, I'd go with black as that is always classic. However, assuming you have other black boots, I love the elephant color, even if it scratches more easily!
  10. I have Frye Melissa's in black that I've only worn once..I like them..they are gorgeous!.. but know its not love....selling them....hope these are love!:heart::love:
  11. Got my boots today...LOVE them! The leather is amazing..the shape is so different than any other boots I've had and I really like it.
    I got the black and was curious if anyone has sprayed them with leather protector..I have some that I bought at Nordstrom for my Frye's and wanted to use it.
    I live in rainy(well, not all the time..but..)Portland, OR....:amuse:
  12. i love the black and the snake embossed in black
  13. congrats! love to see some pics! :biggrin:
  14. CONGRATS!They r great boots but definately spray them as mine DID spot with rain!