What Color Knot?

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  1. Thinking of dropping a hint for a stocking stuffer....I am thinking of a Knot to add to my BV collection. I would probably use it mostly for evening and tend to wear a lot of black. A Nero Knot would of course be a no-brainer but what would be a versatile alternative. Haven't decided on a leather or satin.
  2. If you wear a lot of black I would go for a stunning bright color. Maybe red, purple or blue depending on what colors you favor. I like the satin in the Knot though my only Knot is Ayers in black. Iris is an outstanding purple.
  3. I am with boxermom. If you wear lots of black, red would be TDF and metallic is not bad either. Check out the last celebrity post. Holly Valance with her Metallic Mineral Liseret Knot. It's beautiful
  4. I also vote for a bright color like red, since you wear a lot of black. I personally have sweaty palms so I picked leather and snakeskin for my knots.
  5. Ooh, metallic is a great idea too!
  6. That's quite a stocking stuffer!
    I have a satin one in ... Oh gosh, the official name escapes me... It's a champagne gold color with snake trim. I like it with black but if I were to do it over again, I might pick an actual color.
  7. I would go with a metallic. My hands are dry and i was afraid I'd snag satin or stain it with all the hand lotion I use, especially when I go out. Good luck deciding!
  8. There are also some knots that have textures in them that are also in black
    But it is always nice to have an accent color...
  9. image-415843497.jpg
    I have a black satin knot and I love it!
    Is this your only knot? I saw a gold thread which is gorgeous Too!
  10. ^gorgeous
  11. get an elongated knot or stretch knot
    they hold more
    any color knot would be elegant
  12. i am looking for a black or gray knot in leather--would love one with embroidery or oomph
  13. I am loving the Nero snakeskin Passamaneria Knot right now. I think it would be a lovely evening out bag. It is currently on the BV website.