What color Jumbo's have you seen out there?

  1. Just curious what colors are readily available, other than black and white.

    I think Iwant to get a second jumbo caviar preferred for EGC, but not sure what colors are readily available now. Love the Bleu Fonce...but not thats probably a no go.

    Any other cute colors waiting for me to buy?
  2. Ugh, I wish I could find a jumbo caviar in a color. I've given up looking, I'll just wait for the 08 reissues.

    I hope you find something pretty!
  3. Brown and navy.

    Honestly, if you want more "fun" colors, I'd wait for the SS08 stuff.
  4. I just got a Navy Patent Jumbo classic from NM. Other than that, I'm waiting for spring too.
  5. how much for patent jumbo now? do they come in medium patent and how much the price? thx you in advance...
  6. I think the prices on them are the same as they were a few months back. Prices don't go up until November 1.

    I've seen a black medium patent recently if my memory serves correctly.
  7. minnie04 - My black crackled medium flap was $2150... and it's stunning!!!! :love:
  8. shmoo88, if you want color I would definitely wait until S/S...although the patents are beautiful and growing on me by the second!

  9. The Navy Patent jumbo with silver hardware was $2395. Lately, I can't get enough patent! :rolleyes:
  10. ^^ITA jeannebar! I'm buying any Chanel purse in patent! I'd love to find a black 227 reissue in patent! I had the 226 but it was too small. Patent is TDF!
  11. Hmmmm, well for my choices before price increase...the navy patent is really starting to make my heart flutter. It'd look great next to its "lil sis" the blush patent medium.
  12. Regina07: I've heard the black patent reissue 227 is long gone, but have you considered the black patent Jumbo classic? I know NM is getting the patent jumbos.

    schmoo88: OMG, you have a blush patent! I envy you! It's so gorgeous!