What Color Jill-e Camera Bag...Opinions Please


Jan 7, 2010
After much deliberation, I decided on this camera bag...I want to use it when we take the girls to the zoo, nature gardens. It will allow me to carry my camera, snacks, etc all in one bag.

I am leaning towards the bone, second choice yellow. I know...white and outings is usually a no no...but yellow doesn't "match" everything. Black or brown is always safe but I think the black looks a little too much like my 5 other camera bags...:P

So...thought I would post and see what color others think is the nicest or best decision.


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Jun 17, 2009
I have the brown and love it. I also love the bone but I didn't get it because I was afraid it would just end up looking disastrous. After all I put my camera bag on the floor of dirty studios, on the ground outside, in the sand etc. I would fear that the yellow would get just as dirty. Its really up to you though and how much you want to try to protect it from getting dirty. For me I can't protect my camera bag like that I just have to protect my camera or I'd never get anything done.