What color is your paddy?

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  1. I am really starting to like this bag:smile: but trying to decide on a color. I have the edith preordered in whiskey so I am looking for something else. Also-do you find the lock to be a pain?
  2. mine is whiskey:


    but the bag ITSELF is a pain, lol... it's heavy and cumbersome, but it looks so good!
  3. I have one in whiskey. I don't mind the lock much.
  4. i don't understand why everyone thinks it's heavy. maybe i'm used to using a heavy tote bag for school, but when i saw one IRL it didn't seem any heavier than a normal bag. but i do have strong shoulders...everyone always says that my bags are heavy when i hand it to someone to hold. so maybe i'm just odd? i dunno.
  5. Ordered an anthracite from LVR, got it..its noir? (says anthracite on the tag..). Maybe they renamed it? So now I have a metallic anthracite coming my way. Oh, and I dont find it heavy at all. But my bookbag weighs about 50 lbs so..everything seems light lol

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  6. the way LVR has their bags labeled is a little confusing with these colors - they say they have metallic and nonmetallic anthracite, and i guess they're calling the noir nonmetallic anthracite. i emailed them a couple months ago about it - they should really change it. i guess it's a language barrier since the color names are translated from french to english for our websites and they're italian trying to make sense of the french in such a way that it makes sense to those that speak english. still not the greatest way to do things, though. hope it all works out!
  7. Mine's off-white, I think that's what it was called on NAP. I don't find it that heavy, I have an MJ blake bag and they probably are about the same. The whole lock thing can be a bit annoying but I think it's something you just need to get used to. I've only used mine about 5 times since I got it and it bothers me less each time I use it.

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  8. Mine is whiskey and I love it! :love: :love: :love: Especially after the fiasco to get a non-defective bag!!
  9. Yep, I got two different answers about this bag. One said not as metallic and the other said looks just like the mini, but larger :lol:
    I went with the name listed and struck out. But chloe should really use two different names. when I opened the box I thought for sure it'd say noir on the tag but it says anthracite. crazy.
  10. i have it in silver.
  11. What a gorgeous color that is!! I'm expecting a chocolate one from LVR in March. I had one that I had to return, and neither the weight of it or the lock bothered me at all...
  12. Mine is whisky.
  13. Mine is in blanc. The weight of the lock doesn't bother me, I have a Mulberry roxanne and it feels just as heavy as that bag.
  14. I have the cream Paddy. I don't find the lock annoying. I haven't zipped this bag since I got it. The lock helps to keep it closed. I now have one of the leather tabs under the lock and one hanging, an effort to keep the scratching to a minimum.
  15. Hi all- my first post :P!! I have the sable color but am swapping for a tan!