What color is your most expensive bag?

  1. For me, the more I spend on a bag, the more versatile it needs to be; so my pricier bags tend to be neutrals. My less pricey bags have been the whites and colorful ones - you know, harder to coordinate with and ones that get dirty easily.

    Not as interested in WHAT your most expensive bag is, or what exactly it cost - just:
    What color is it? And I'm talking what YOU actually paid for it, not retail.

    I'll start:
    Up til last week it was a dark dark chocolate brown bag; then I returned that one and now it's the LV Damier print (the chocolate and brown checkerboard pattern).

    Your turn! :smile::jammin:
  2. Up until last week, my most expensive bag was my LV Mirage.

    I'm still waiting for the delivery of my Chanel White Classic Flap....
  3. I think your logic makes total sense dogdoc....but my current "most expensive" is my violet Balenciaga Day bag and I totally, totally :heart: it! Before I got it I worried that I'd have to coordinate it with what I was wearing and that because it's a bright color I'd be limited, but I've been carrying it nonstop since I got it (and committing all kinds of fashion faux pas along the way I'm sure). But heck, I love this bag and life is too short to keep it sitting in my closet so I rock it as much as I can! :rochard:
  4. I'm STILL waiting for it to arrive, but the answer would be my Gerard Darel honey python!
  5. Burgundy.
  6. it's so funny you say that cuz mine is burgundy, and cuz i love it... sometimes i don't care what i'm wearing!:p
  7. My most expensive bags are black and brown; a black chanel, a brown chanel and the black LV mirage (which is black with brown :smile:)
    I think those are defenitely the most versatile and timeless colors for a bag...
  8. My most expensive bag is black Chanel flap bag
  9. My 2005 Rouge Theatre (Red) Balenciaga city which my husband gave me this past Christmas. We paid way over retail for it because it was brand new - never used and being a 2005 color, it is difficult to find brand new. And it is my perfect red!
  10. Mine is my Zucca Fendi Spy, which is the only brown bag I own. Most of my bags are silly bright colours.
  11. I have two most expensive bags that cost the same (if I remember correctly): One is my berry red patent Burberry Manor bag (sale price) and the other a Louis Vuitton petite Elllipse (retail price). So I guess I have most of my wardrobe and events covered with this two bags...
  12. mine is a black chanel
  13. Prada Gauffre, which is multi-tonal brown
  14. I love my white Blondie flap bag by Gucci. It is the only white bag that I have consistently been attached to.


  15. ACK!! You MUST post pics!!! I sooo wanted this bag! *sigh*