What color is your house!!

  1. I am in the process of buying a house. I am wondering what color do people go for. If you can post a pic of the shade, not the whole so it don't get to personal or maybe just the name. Thanks.
  2. inside or outside?
  3. Mine is mostly stone with steel blue trim on the third floor. Are you looking for vinyl colors or a color to paint wood?
  4. ^^ beautiful house!! I will post a small part of my house (for privacy) just to show the color.
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    Mine is Benjamin Moore Sag Harbor Grey. I get tons of compliments on it.

    My landscaping is not even close, so pardon this hot mess. the garage and house exterior are still a construction site, too :p


    But here is the color on Don Drapers house from Mad Men :p
    I found this after I painted mine, LOL!!

    I have cream trim like this, with touches of plum, and forest green roof.

  6. I love your house! I live in NYC, and though I love my apartment, I have such house lust.
  7. Omg... that is too pretty. I love it. The house we are looking for is like stucco? lol and pink.
  8. Thanks. I guess it depends on where you live. I'm sure different colors are common in Florida than ones popular in Maine. I always liked neutral colors. My last house was cream color vinyl.

  9. Our house is white, but our next project is new siding and a new front deck. At that time (likely next summer), we will be going with a colour like CobaltBlu (a grey or tan colour) with cream-coloured trim. We already put a new roof on in a complimentary brown colour in anticipation of replacing the siding soon.
  10. Our house is green stucco. Green seems to be a very common color here in Germany, lol
  11. Lovely homes ladies!
    Mine is Hermes shades of light (trim) & dark brown (closest thing I can think of to give a visual) with orange canvas awnings. I stole the look from a 'uber-luxury' (papers describe it) condo building Tiger Woods used to have in Stockholm.
  12. My house is a pumpkin orange color.
  13. beige spanish tract home
  14. Reddish brick
  15. Ours is like a khaki/tan color, with sage and purple trim.

    We're painting either next year or the following year, and are still debating what color scheme to go with. I'll be watching this thread! Our neighbor painted their house a similar color, so we might go with something way different next time to brighten things up and make ours look different (possibly yellow).