What color is Vert Fonce? Brown or Green?

  1. I looked in the reference under green, and there was one bag..I'm still not sure of the shade. Is it a dark green or a brown green?
    Thanks, it looks cool.
  2. I think it's an olive brown. I LOVE IT!

  3. Yep, it's very pretty. In some lighting, like outside, the green is dominant. I had one, then I traded it, but I had it for a couple of days and thought of it as an olive brown, then I saw it in the outside lighting and was like "who's bag is this?" The color outside was so different, it was sooo green, that I though it was someone else's bag!
  4. Here are some pics for you. :smile:It is gorgeous with SH.:tup: I regret returning back to BalNY.:sad:
    IMG_3309%20%282%29.JPG IMG_3313%20%282%29.JPG IMG_3314%20%282%29.JPG

  5. Pretty, but you have got to admit that the pics don't show the true color at all. IRL it is sooooo much better. The one I saw at Barneys with the SGH looks nothing like this pic. It was sooo pretty that I kept looking at it, but I went with black because I don't have a black in anything, with the exception of the Make up bag.
  6. Wow, thanks so much! I had never even considered that color. Probably didn't get a smuch press as the newer, brighter colors. I returned my Mastic city cause it didn't look good with my skin, I'm too pale. I think that would be a gorgeous choice fo fall. Are they still around?
  7. Nanaz, why did you return it? did it not go with alot?
  8. Barney's Dallas has the vert fonce in the city with the RH and with the SGH.
  9. and realdealcollection has it in the mini coin...............
  10. OOOOH~ You are tempting me! What is Barneys return policy like if you don't like the color or leather? is it credit only?
    I like Neimans and Saks and Nordstrom because of their easy return policy.
    I will probably let go of my Violet Step.

  11. 30 Day return policy. You get a refund in the original form of payment!
  12. I returned it because Plomb goes well with my wardrobe.:tup: VF is very versatile and you won't have any problems.:nogood: It is even more prettier in person than the pictures. I had to see both colors for myself and find out which one i would use more often. I think you should see it in person too. I like it with the SH though not the gold.:yes:
  13. I'm w/ RoMie.. if it intrigues you.. and you have to order it before seeing it IRL... and they have a return policy.. i say gO for it! :graucho: This is mine... depending on the lighting.. it'll look brown sometimes.. but natural lighting it's olive green with brown undertones in the sun. :yes:

  14. Wow, gorgeous bag Oogie ! I don't know why I am resisting the larger hardware for me. The SA at Barneys said they only had the GH not the RH because it is selling the best.
    Romie- did you see the RH on the bags? They told me only GH. Maybe he didn't know they had it. He had never heard of or seen the Step!

  15. How sad:tdown: that they don't know their own stock! I don't work there and I seem to know more about what they have:nuts:. Yes, they have a beautiful VF with regular hardware. Unless it sold today??? Otherwise it is/was hanging right behind the Tomato RH City. Though people move bags around and it could have changed its location, though thats where is was last night at closing! Someone else on the forum called today to purchase one of the bags I described and was told that they had no such bag, so I gave them the name of the SA I spoke with that would remember me and the bags that I was looking at. So with a second phone call to Barneys and a different SA, the person found the bag they were looking for. It takes something called "effort" on the part of the SA to actually go and inspect the bags and they just don't seem to want to do that. Call back tomorrow and tell them that it was hanging behind the Tomato City RH. It should atleast be on the same rack........