WHat color is Tobacco? WOuld be GH.

  1. Hi Ladies-
    Without AtelierNaff I feel lost. I am trying to find a sandstone bag for Nanaz and myself, I have a store who says it is "tobacco" now they say its not a dark brown, truly tobacco.....all I know is caffe and truffle. What color would tobacco be? It would be GH so its SS07.

  2. I have the color charts and there is nothing listed as tobacco for s/s 07. There's tabac/sienna for Fall 07 but I don't think it out yet? Maybe they're talking about truffle. Sandstone is light and looks nothing like tobacco. Ask them if they have the season card for starters to see if it's from spring or fall 07? My bet is it's truffle.
  3. Its from spring 07, they are calling it tobacco so I was thinking it is truffle as well because he said it isnt dark like caffe. I started thinking bout tobacco, am a non smoker, was so esperate to find someone with a cigarette so I could have a look....

    I wish people would go buy Balenciaga names not their own names. I am pretty sure its truffle as well. ANyway, it was nice hoping it was sandstone.

    thank you