What color is this??

  1. My friend just purchased this from NM at Short Hills....is it Vermillion or Rouge VIF? Here's what the tag says:

    Cuir Textile
    Bi Jouterie
    Textile Laiton
    Pleine Fleur Aniline
    My new red Bally Hobo.jpg
  2. Vermillion!
  3. Ohhhh, that's purty!
  4. Can you tell from the pic or the tag? She said it was more of a blue red instead of an orangey red. I thought Vermillion was more orangey red? :shrugs:
  5. It definitely is!! Get you one!! LOL!! :heart:
  6. I'm just going by the tag...
    Photos are so varied in colour processing and bags' colours differ by batch within the same colours so I trust looking at the tag much more:smile:
  7. Beautiful day. I just don't get this color. Some pics of vermillion are too orange and this one looks almost rouge vif :confused1:
  8. I know...it's so confusing. She's thrilled with it no matter what the official name is though. LOL! She hates the shine, so hopefully some LMB pretreatment and moisturizer will take care of that. :yes:
  9. beautiful day bag