What color is this??

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  1. Hey all..

    Please help me by telling me what color this Stella is..

    the eBay listing said fuschia...
    I've tried looking through the reference library... but no answers.



  2. Geranium maybe?
  3. Isn't geranium more of a red?
    I'm puzzzzled. :sad:
  4. Yeah, I would say it's not geranium.... hmm... there was a thread a while back about pink bags, maybe it's listed in there...
  5. I was just about to say this looks like berry. Very nice color!
  6. Fuschia has mauve suede lining.
    Geranium has lavendar pink stitching & fabric lining. Berry is from the same season with Geranium, it has lavendar pink fabric lining.

    Zoinksta has a gorgeous Stella in Berry.
  7. Linings of Berry & Geranium
    (pictures from eBay)
    berry.jpg geranium.jpg
  8. Excellent! ^^

    It's Berry then.
    :smile: the auctio showed beige lining.. so yea. that matches up. Jeez, for a second there Ithought I bought a fake or something cause I couldn't determine the color!

    thanks so much! everyoneee! :heart: :heart: :heart:
  9. This is my baby... it's more mauvey pink to me.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The lining color is like what bag.lover said...lavendar-pink, not beige.
    berrystella.jpg mybags1.jpg
  10. Okee dokee.. it's NOT berry.

    Haha.. .. great. Now I'm completely lost..
  11. :rolleyes: It looks like berry to moi!
  12. Yeah, I still think it may be berry.... The lighting can really make a difference with the pinks. You should really decide once you get it. Congrats on your bag! Post pics so we can confirm for you!