what color is this?

  1. What is the name of the color of this silverado?

    Thanks in advance!



    my wishlistlist:
    1) chloe python chain betty
    2) fendi spy in black
  2. Tan?
  3. Nope, it isn't one of the standard biggy colors. It was kind of limited, and I have a large Silverado tote this color from last summer, but I'm having a brain thing here . . . . Hazelnut? Something like that, I believe. (Not to be confused with Nutmeg!)
  4. Can you look on your tag?

    And what Silverado shape is that?
  5. The bag you have pictured is one of the latest incarnations of the basic Silverado bag. I got the large tote version in its new form, with pockets on the ends and on one side (4 in total). My tag from Chloe lists the color as noisette. I believe NM and maybe even Chloe used the English version of the name.

    I found my little lookbook from Autumn 2006. Your bag is the basic new Silverado Handbag and it looks to be the smaller size.

    Earlier in the sales, I saw my bag at NM in this color, for around half price and I also saw it on sale at AR a while back. Hope you can find your bag!
  6. thanks rollergirl -

    so you think this is noisette? i thought it might be "muscade" but only because i had heard that name and it is kind of a mustard color. it doesn't have the chloe tag because i got it on sale at NM.

    what's "AR"?

    thanks again,
  7. I'm pretty sure the bag posted is the same as the one I own, and it is noisette. I believe this was solely a Silverado color. I also have a muscade Paddy, which is more of a cognac color. The picture isn't great, but there is a Silverado on sale on intermixonline which they call hazel and it is the same.

    AR is the boutique Aloha Rag.