What color is this?

  1. Hi everyone! I :heart: color! Can someone tell me what this color is? Thank you!
  2. hmmm...sorry, I'd like to know too. The reds get me all mixed up!
  3. Where did you find this pics? Is this on sale?
    I'm looking for this style called ghost.. Maybe is grenat
  4. The picture is from atelier.naff, right? I don't think it's grenat, it must be an earlier color.
  5. Maybe rouge 05?
  6. Maybe, it could be. I'll let the experts come in here. There was a thread recently about the different reds...maybe you could search for it and look at the different pictures. That would probably help!
  7. Could be the rouge 05 or the bordeaux 05. I thought the ghost was discontinued? If it's not than it might also be the grenat 06, though I'm leaning more towards the rouge 05. Rouge 05 IRL is slightly brighter, it could be just the lighting?
  8. I'd lean towards Rouge 05 too.
  9. It looks like rouge to me.
  10. It's the '05 Rouge Theatre ... the only place that would [possibly] have this is Balenciaga-NYC (or Paris).

    I have the Ghost in White; I believe that Barneys NY (Copley) has one in Black should anyone be looking for it.
    White Ghost - BESTwtmk.jpg
  11. Looks like a rouge 05.
  12. It is definitely the rouge '05, but the pic makes it look a bit darker than it does in real life.
  13. As someone who has drooled over pretty much every Rouge 05 picture on PF :shame: I think it is that color. It has the blue undertones in the red that I find really extraordinary and lovely.
  14. I guess I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed that they'll have this bag when I go to the Paris store in October. :sad:
  15. Good luck on finding it, Lordguinny!!! The ghost is such a cool bag and that's a great color!