What color is this?

  1. Not sure, the ebay listing says that it's whiskey, but I don't really know for sure. It could also be bark. Here's some pics that I found:

    Bark Multi-Pocket from Fall 04:

    Whisky Bleeker Satchel:

    and attached is the Whiskey perforated shoulder bag:

  2. ^ This season's Whiskey looks much darker in real life. Yup, all the styles come with gold hardware.
  3. The bark looks like the right one to me. Is that photo of the MP that you posted considered a hobo? What is the difference between a MP and a MP hobo?
  4. Wow- big difference in color in these pictures. Thanks for the info- I just learned something too-
  5. I think some people consider the MP a hobo, but there is only one style of the MP that is made by MJ and it comes in small and large. I agree, I think the color is bark, which is a nice rich brown with the red undertones.
  6. Is it available anywhere anymore? I called a few NM Last Call's earlier and ended up a bit frustrated. I also called MJ in Las Vegas, and they did a system wide search through their boutiques, and came up with nothing.

    I shall keep trying!
  7. I doubt it, from what I read, it was a fall 2004 color. You'll probably have to rely on ebay, or go to the Off 5th/Last call yourself to see. It's so difficult to describe the right color brown to SAs at those locations.