What color IS this?????

  1. Help! Guys can you do me a big favor? My Croc bag will be rolling on home hopefully by Monday or Tuesday next week and I'd LOVE to know the real Hermes name for the color. LZ had it listed as "brown" but can it really be just...."Brown"? It's on page 5, post #79 in the Hermes Informative Catalogue.


  2. hum... I'm no expert, but because of the slight red tinge in the picture of the bag, I would venture to say cocoan?
  3. OH...that's is sooooo gorgeous!! :yahoo:
    Sorry I don't know the color exactly...would LZ know?
  4. Well, they only listed it as "Brown".... I've got to eMail Pete about something else so I'll ask him again but I just thought I'd go directly to the experts here first!

    Cocoan? I kinda like that....:yes:
  5. Oh my gosh!!!! I am on the floor!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!! I don't know what color but WOW!!!! :yahoo:
  6. ^^move over CB! :yahoo:

  7. yes.......??????:graucho:
  8. I was just nosin' through the leather book on friday, and I would guess cocoan, (but, if this is an older bag, hermes may have used a color no longer in production.):flowers:
  9. no, no, no it's not what you think, K.....really. I'm serious....

    ....i just can't buy another thing until I bring this baby home.....although I swear if I had another couple of grand just sitting around somewhere doing nothing I'd LOVE that BJ Croc Agenda! Well, and if it was a WALLET........
  10. Lol!!! - you crazy gal!!

    I'm thinking the colour would be...........DELICIOUS!!! Oh, Hermes don't do this shade?? Well - DIVINE, then!

    If I robbed you, I now wouldn't know which to steal - Princess or Croc........:wtf: :rolleyes:

  11. Ava...that's what I'm kind of thinking. In which case I think I might just adopt Cocoan because I simply can't call her...."brown"....:sad:
  12. tabac????
  13. I really wishwe could put together a definitive guide to Hermes colours - I realise there are lots of colours in the Informative thread, but so many colour appear different on various leathers......it would be a HUGE task, but wouldn't it be great to have all the colours listed with pics (if we can find them) of the colour on the different leathers??

    I'm going to H tomorrow, D...I'll ask the resident leather "expert" about vintage croc colours. Keep you posted.....
  14. I don't know D., 'cause vintage colors may not have the same names they have today, but I'm sure we can find out...:yes:
  15. maybe havanne ?