What Color Is This?

  1. Kou, Framboise is French for raspberry! =)
  2. Wait, so that purse is really frambois? Hermes is still making Birkins in frambois after all? I know I don't look good in one but I still want one!!!!
  3. That seller has been trying to sell that bag for a while now. Yes, it looks like Framboise and it does look authentic. It was very likely a SO since Framboise isn't in regular production right now.
  4. *sigh* I MUST resist the temptation. I mean, it doens't look good on me anyway. But it's so pretty by itself ...
  5. :love: That is a gorgeous bag!!:love:
  6. very bright.
  7. So delicious... Mesa wants!!! :biggrin: (but then again, there are few things in this sub-forum that I wouldn't want)
  8. It looks a little more red than my frambois agenda....but then again, my agenda is box calf so that may make a difference.
  9. It's a very pretty color IRL but personally, it would make the blue veins in my face look even bluer! :cry: It just has too much blue in it! I like Fuchsia better--has more yellow. Great for Asian gals like me. LOL
  10. framboise is gorgeous but looks horrible on me cant point the finger on what is wrong it just looks off on me :cry:
  11. Frambois looks horrible on me too, yet here I am wanting to get one (not very practical, I know). For me it's because of the red undertone ... It somehow makes my skin look orange and yellow.:yucky:

    By the way, is frambois and rose shocking the same color?
  12. Kou, I've heard about this new color Rose Shocking, too. I wouldn't be surprised if they are actually the same color. To me, Marron Fonce looks just like Chocolate! Ah, the mystery of Hermes' color palette.
  13. oh yes that drives me up the orange wall sometimes