What color is this?

  1. It kind of looks like a really dark brown, but I think it's black.
  2. Okay... so it isn't a Mahoghany :sad:

    Thanks for letting me know. I really thought it was a new dark brown color. It is too dark for the walnut, but didn't seem like Black to me.
  3. It does look like a Mahogany or Dark Brown. I tried to save the pic and edit it photo program but the image comes through grainy.
  4. It sort of looks like walnut although irl walnut is lighter than that. See this in walnut?

    compare to this:

    Sort of looks the same? But I don't know if walnut is available in the Lily anymore. Mahogany would be gorgeous!
  5. I think thats what they are advertising as "walnut", check out the Gigi, they show her in this color too and call it walnut.
    Obviously, the pictures look waaaaaay darker than walnut IRL, so I'm not sure if it was a mistake on their part or what? They are gonna have a lot of dissapointed customers. I ordered a walnut Lily in December and they told me it was going to be dark, like what is pictured. When it arrived, I was so bummed. It was much lighter.
    I've heard rumors about mahogany Lily's.... we shall see...
  6. Just called CS, it is only available in black so my eyes are playing tricks on me or that is the walnut that was previously sold and it just looks darker online.
  7. It looks walnut to me. I looked at Gigi in walnut and it looks the same. ?
  8. I thought the same thing last night when I was browsing online. I thought in that pic it looked dark brown, but when you click on the picture, it looks black...strange
  9. Funny story, I accidentally gave the guy 11500 instead of 11150 and he told me the only color it came in was mahogany. I jumped up and grabbed my CC when he said "less than 10 left". Then he told me the total was $304. I said "wait that bag is $1200" then I realized my mistake.

    AHHHH I almost had another Lily.
  10. Glad I am not the only one that noticed. I totally wanted it!
  11. I asked about this color when I was in the store. It is definately too dark to be Walnut. The SA told me that it was Mahogany, which may be coming out later. I sure hope so!
  12. Ahh I want it NOW. DId they tell you if it would even be spring?????

  13. Hey BFF...Totally though it was chocolate too!! I almost peed my pants :smile:
  14. LOL. . . I had forgotten your name on here!

    Ignore the part where I talk about whipping out a CC!:roflmfao::angel: