What Color is this?

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  1. It's hard to tell from the pictures and I don't know Japanese ... what do you think folks?


    I've also attached the pictures (City & First) from the site. Do you think that this is the 2006 Grenat? If so ... me likey :heart: :love: !!
    color question.jpg color question - first.jpg
  2. Pretty sure its the 06' lilac.
  3. It says : "Wine red" and "out of stock"
  4. Hmmm ... so percephonie ... possibly the 2006 Grenat? This is a nice color and will appease my lust for the old Bordeaux which I missed out on.
  5. Bordeaux maybe?
  6. NUTS!!! :mad: :censor: :rant: :Push:
  7. This kind of looks like my Bordeaux :huh:
  8. So sorry hun! If you any help on a japanese item let me know ;)
  9. Pretty sure it is bordeaux...
  10. Wow! my screen is really off.
  11. Kimmie -- it looked lilac to me the first time I looked at it too. Amanda's teal looked really different as well.
  12. Looks like Bordeaux

  13. So this one looks like 06' lilac to you? Does amandas look like cornflower? Maybe I need to do some adjustments to my color:shame:
  14. its either the darkest lilac 06 i've ever seen... or a really badly photographed bordeaux. i dont think they would have grenat yet.
  15. It did but now it looks bordeaux -- doesn't make sense, I know. Amanda's teal looks more periwinkle to me -- she did explain it was more blue than green...regardless, it is so pretty.
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